2020 was a Treat for all Gaming Geeks as it Brought a Variety of Games – Check the Top Games Launched this Year

Wondering what to play while you’re stuck at home? These recommendations might be helpful

Still sad about having to wait for Cyberpunk 2077? Well here are some new names that have been added to the list of best 2020 games that has received a score of 90% and above, and it’s worth getting for your PC or consoles. Additionally, some fan favourites with new modes will also be included.

1. Crusader Kings 3 


This is a medieval strategy game and also a game that contains family drama and conflicts. It was something that didn’t expect to get such a grand reaction.

2. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2


This game had struggled to be a hit with the gamers since after the original was released, and finally has succeeded with this remake. This one gives the same feel as the first games, plus the 4K quality and HDR support.

3. Tell Me Why 


Tell Me Why succeeded in two aspects – the choose your own story genre and representation of trans people in videogames. The lead character Tyler Ronan is a trans person and the choices in the game range from dramatic endings and cliffhangers to having gentle and deep conversations, giving the game a very raw and human feel. It’s exclusive to Xbox One and PC.

4. Wasteland 3 

inXile Entertainment

A brilliant comeback for the squad based RPG genre that perfectly balanced tough and fair gameplay. It manages to make both veterans and newbies feel at home and every choice you make affects the world.

5. Fall Guys 


Yes, still relevant! A game that brings a whole new twist to the genre of battle royale, Fall Guys continues to keep gamers hooked with it’s tough and silly matches. Every mode is creative and exhilarating and there’s never a dull moment while playing with friends.