American Security under question? Friendship’s day turned into Enemy Day, for people of Texas and Ohio.

Friendship’s day is celebrated in many countries. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Well, the day of friends was not friendly with the people of EL PASO, Texas, Dayton and Ohio. In El Paso, a mass shooting took place at a store. The firing took place on the morning of 3rd August 2019. A single man did the shooting. The F.B.I is investigating over the case.

The gunman was carrying a gun which resembled AK-47. He started firing at around 10:40 a.m. Around 20 people have been killed, and 26 were injured. Injured people were taken to the nearby hospital. According to police, the suspect is a male in his 20s. The man has been taken in custody.

It was a violent scene, said the witnesses. A man was seen, full of blood. Everything happened too quickly to be noticed. It took some time for the officers to arrive. These terrorists are barbarians; they do not have a heart and soul.

In Ohio, nine people have been killed because of a mass shooting. A person started firing at around 6 am BST, on Sunday. The man was shot by the officers. In Ohio the man used 223 – caliber rifle, to kill people. The investigation is going on, till now, police have not found any reason, behind the attack. Injured were taken to the nearby hospital, few had life-threatening injuries.

Police are investigating. According to sources, the man who was involved in El Paso’s shopping complex shooting if of Texas. His name is Patrick Crusius. This shooting has been ranked 8th in the US’s history. 4th of August ( first Sunday of August ), was the friendship’s day, but this turned out to be an unfriendly Sunday.

US President Donald Trump called the incident as a coward’s act. According to him, there is no justification for killing so many innocent people. The incident took place just after three days after a teenage gunman attacked people in California. The University of El Paso has admitted around 13 people, out of which one could not survive. Rest is in a serious state. Officers are trying to find the reason for mass killing. Well, no reason could justify such sin.