All you need to know about Tampa Bay, buzzed with activities last weekend!!

Tampa Bay is connected to the Gulf of Mexico located on the West Central coast of Florida. Tampa Bay is best known for its cultural offerings and museums besides being a business center. In the 20th century, the city was developed by the Cuban and Spanish cigar-factory workers.


Tampa Bay attracts lots of tourists every year. From sight-seeing to doing water sports, attending events, shop-hopping, and relaxing spa. Tampa Bay has everything you need as a tourist. Not only tourists but even the residents of Tampa Bay also enjoy the activities buzzing around in the city, which could be enjoyed this weekend.

Tampa Bay Comic-Con

What is more interesting than experiencing your favorite comic character live? Yes, Tampa Bay Comic-con exhibits a wide range of characters from comics, magazines, cartoon, Star Trek and Star Wars. There is also a meet and greet held between the attendees and professionals from the comic industry. Entry for kids below 12 years of age is free and $30 for an adult.

Cupcake Contest

The Morean Arts Centre is in the hunt for the best cupcake in the town. The contest’s name is Great St. Pete Cupcake Contest. The contestants will be judged on their creativity, icing, flavor, texture, and of course, the presentation. Spectators are also given a chance to taste and vote for their favorite ones. It will cost $7 for the same.

Busch Garden Summer Nights

Source: InPark Magazine

The authorities have extended the garden timings for everyone. People can come and enjoy their weekend summer nights. Gourmet popcorn, colorful cocktails, frozen alcoholic drink, and free beers are available during these Summer Nights. The park will be open till 10 p.m.

Back to School Shopping

The shoppers in Tampa Bay won’t have to pay sales tax while they shop for their kids. Items like clothes and shoes for and less than $60, school necessities for and less than $15 and computers for $1000 and less will be exempted for the sales tax.

There are lots of happenings going around in the beautiful town, Tampa Bay. Make sure you make full use of these activities happening. No matter whether you are a resident or a visitor, Tampa Bay is serving everyone.