The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Check out the release date, cast, plot and more details and a shocking fact could actually come up!

Will the Haregreeves family make its third return?

Netflix released its adaptation of My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s comic book The Umbrella Academy in February last year, and the show quickly gained momentum. It centers around the Haregreeves family, which consists of a bunch of misfits with superpowers.

The story started with an inexplicable event that caused 43 overpowered babies to be born in the same day to women who showed no signs of pregnancy in 1989. From this, seven were adopted by Sir Reginald Haregreeves and were trained to save the world.

The show’s future

In the two seasons, the family had to step in to save the world from an impending apocalypse twice. And from the looks of it, their work is far from over. From the way season 2 ended, we can understand the next mission for Vanya, Five, Klaus, Allison, Diego, Ben, and Luther. As viewers are eager to see what happens next, let’s see how soon we can expect the next season.

A third season hasn’t been announced as of now. While waiting for a new season to be announced feels like a royal pain, we must know the way Netflix does things. They always look at the viewership data of each season before announcing the next one. Season two released in July, and from there it’s been getting a steady set of views, so another season is pretty much guaranteed.

If a season indeed gets announced, we can expect the show to follow it’s tradition of dropping it after a year and a half. So we can expect season three to arrive in late 2021. But of course, because of the pandemic, we cannot determine how this can be done smoothly.



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