Andrew Garfield is getting into a lot of new relationships! But is ex Emma Stone jealous of him?

Once dated, when partners move out of a relationship as ex’s they tend to keep more track of the other person’s lives and know what all they are experiencing and who all are the new ones on their lives.

One wants to be updated about the post-breakup scenario that two individuals face once they separate from each other since now they have the least control over their lives so all that they can do is stay updated even if they deny the same. However, many times they feel jealous or uncomfortable seeing their partners move on from their past and live a life as if nothing had happened in the past and act pretentious.

What gossip is the talk of the town in Hollywood among the celebrities?

Emma Stone is a famous personality from Hollywood and has been starring in several works on the media. It is natural for celebrities to have a personal life and a love life when they date people and move to someone else when they don’t see things working out between the two anymore as it would when they were together.

Her ex, Andrew Garfield is in a new relationship that she seems skeptical about due to the obvious reasons, not all can move on after a separation and have to deal with things differently from others. Coping mechanisms for everyone is different and unique when seen and analyzed.

The new couple is happy and satisfied together and they have moments that they share with their fans that they have been happy about. Fans like the new pair even if the two think alike in the same matter. However, not directly did stone mention her discontentment with her ex’s new relationship.