The Society Season 2: When is it coming? Check out release date, cast, plot and more details.

The Netflix teen drama will be premiering later this year if all goes well

Major spoilers below so proceed at your own discretion 

Netflix’s The Society became an instant hit with the teens it catered towards, and they were left demanding more after season 1’s finale. In the finale, we got to learn what actually happened to the teenagers if West Ham.

The teenagers find out that they had been trapped in an alternate reality of their hometown, which looked and felt exactly like their own. They also realise that they were the only ones there and that their parents and other family members are in the right dimension.

While this mystery gets solved towards the end, the major question that still remained was whether the they could return to their homes or will they be stuck forever in this reality? Hopefully we will get to see if this happens or not as the show will be returning with season 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

Season 2 details

The production kicked off last year, and in April 2020 it was announced that the show will be streaming by the end of the year. That seems doubtful now due to the novel coronavirus. The showrunners haven’t revealed if they had wrapped up production or if anything’s left. Hopefully, we will get a proper report from them soon.

As for the plot, everyone knows that they are in a parallel universe. In the last scene, we got to see the regular West Ham, minus the teens. There was a plaque on the wall that read ‘We remember them.’ So many questions remain like how did the incident happen, do the parents believe they’re still alive, and if they could escape from this reality. Stay tuned.


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