The shooting process for The Mask 3 might soon begin as Warner Bros are planning about it. Will Jim Carrey return?

This might just be a dream come true

If recent reports are to be believed, this could be a huge moment for fans of Jim Carrey and 1994’s The Mask. Apparently, Warner Bros is in talks with the actor to star in Mask 3.

The first movie had been one of Carrey’s biggest hits and continues to be a favourite for many. The story of the boring bank employee Stanley Ipkiss who comes across a wooden mask that has been inhabited by the Norse God of mischief Loki and becoming the wildest and most uncanny superhero was enjoyed by adults and kids alike. The Mask was originally a comic book series that was published by Dark Horse Comics before getting it’s animated and movie adaptations.

The mask allows the wearer to become close to invincible and gives them the ability to alter themselves and their surroundings. Also their personality changes to what they truly are on the inside. It is similar to Captain America’s super soldier serum, where good becomes great, and bad becomes worse. Except when it comes to this, the wearer’s innermost traits are brought out in the most ridiculous ways possible.

Carrey’s return

Jim Carrey had been maintaining a low maintenance for the past few years and has finally made a return, and everyone hopes for more iconic performances from him. We sure will be in for a great time if the comedian signs up for the third part.

After the box office bomb Son of the Mask, Warner Bros has been said to make a female-driven reboot of the movie. And now, we see Carrey’s return added to the list. We can know for sure once Warner Bros makes an official announcement.


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