Netflix’s ‘The Irregulars’ has been Renewed for Season 2 before the Release of Season 1

From this, it’s clear that Netflix sees promise in the Sherlock spin-off series

Netflix’s The Irregulars is going to release globally on March 26, 2021, but before that, the streamer has already announced the show’s second season. This goes to show that Netflix has a lot of trust in its success. The Sherlock Holmes spin-off, set in Victorian London has got some talented people working in front and behind the camera.

Show details


The Irregulars tells the story of a gang of troubled teens who get recruited by the ace detective and his associate Doctor Watson to solve crimes. Now, Sherlock Holmes has dabbled in supernatural cases in his career, but they usually have a logical explanation towards the end. But this time, it seems like evil really does walk the streets of London, and instead of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, it’s up to these kids to save their town.

Oscar-nominated writer Tom Bidwell is one of the executive producers in the show, and he had been pitching this idea for ten years, and was happy when Netflix finally picked it up. Bidwell had a different take on the characters, and during a 2018 interview with BBC, he gave his pitch, which was “What if Sherlock Holmes was a drug addict and delinquent, and was just taking credit for the crimes that the kinds solved?”

Expanding the universe


Netflix seems thoroughly interested in expanding the Sherlock Holmes universe after making Enola Holmes in 2020 and back in October announced that Ehren Kruger will be directing a new feature called Sherlock Junior. 

Get ready for The Irregulars since it’s holding a lot of promise.

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