Ever wondered which colour matches with your personality the most? Check it out!

Get to know yourself more through colours

First of all, you shouldn’t think too hard about it. Being spontaneous about your answers is a good way to identify your true self. Also, your personality colour isn’t the one you wear all the time (and I’m sure most of your clothes are black), but should be something that excites you more or make you feel happy as soon as you see it.

You might already be aware of your favourite colour. Now let’s see what it signifies

Source: Power of Positivity


1. Red: Those who love red tend to be action oriented and prioritises physical fulfillment above all else. They want to experience everything through their five senses.

2. Orange: Social butterflies and those with a need to be accepted and respected gravitate towards orange. And they also love challenges, be it physical or social.

3. Yellow: Those who like yellow tend to think logically and views the world by putting their logical mind at work.

4. Green: Romantics love green. Green symbolises a need to belong, and to love and be loved, and to belong in a safe haven. People who love green also need acceptance and acknowledgement for the help they give to others.


5. Blue: Those who love blue are always in touch with themselves, and seek peace and truth. They tend to live according to their ideals and beliefs without caving into others’ wishes.

6. Pink: Similar to green, people who like pink also wish for acceptance and unconditional love.

7. Black: Those who love black are said to be in need of power and prestige. They are said to be independent and strong willed.


8. White: White also symbolises self dependence and a need for peace and simplicity.

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