Have You Been Seeing Dragonflies Lately? Here’s The Reason Behind It.

While they are not appreciated as much as butterflies, dragonflies hold their own special meaning

How many of you are aware that dragonflies are associated with light, transformation, and personal growth? In case you’ve been coming across dragonflies lately, this might be the time to take a step back and introspect. A dragonfly symbolises great personal transformations and growth, so this is your chance to delve deep into your psyche and understand who you are properly and learn what could drive you to be greater.


Other characteristics

  • Dragonflies don’t fly like most insects. They stop, move side to side, hover and change directions effortlessly. From this, we can learn to be flexible, adaptive, and staying light hearted and clear headed even during unfavourable situations.
  • Dragonflies are more radiant than other insects and always exhibit many colours, but they always shine brightest when they’re under the sunlight. This symbolises the need for one to show their true colours more, and not hide their best selves from the rest of the world. The colours also symbolises flexibility and adaptability.


  • We always see dragonflies moving at high speeds, but we also see them stopping to refresh their energy. This teaches us to take a break from our hectic lives and recharge our batteries.
  • We often spot dragonflies near water bodies such as ponds. Water symbolises depth of character and emotions. It’s important to be in touch with your emotions and always be honest with your true self.


  • The most important lesson to learn from dragonflies is that one should always transform, just like how they change colours. We should be aware to better ourselves as we keep living and getting wisdom from everything around us. We must stay eternally curious and question everything around us instead of quietly accepting things, and do not be hesitant to let go of our old identities if they serve no purpose.

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