DeppVsHeard Trial in its Final Leg as Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Gives Strong Heartfelt Concluding Statement Calling Out Amber Heard’s “Act”

Attorney Camille Vasquez got the opportunity to grill Amber Heard yet again

The legal case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is ongoing, and we are getting closer to the end. On Thursday, Heard returned to the stand for another set of questioning, and she managed to cry once more. Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez stepped forward to question her, and made things difficult for Amber once again. Let’s read in more detail.

Amber Heard on Leaking Images to TMZ

The case

Vasquez asked if Heard had leaked images of her then-husband to TMZ in 2016, to which the Aquaman actress said a strong “no.” She added that she did not call TMZ or any other media source, while looking at the jury. Vasquez then spoke about the exchange during her trip to Los Angeles in May 2016.

On Wednesday, former TMZ employee Morgan Tremaine gave a brief testimony saying he was in charge of sending paparazzi to the LAX airport to follow Heard. They had also published a video of Depp smashing cabinets and screaming, which were all recorded by Heard. When Vasquez brought this up saying she was in ties with TMZ, Heard pushed it away, saying, “What actual survivor of domestic violence wants that?” She also added that if she wanted to leak it, she would’ve done a lot more.

Next Question

Amber Heard questioned

Amber Heard was then asked about the impact from the public divorce, and started crying. She said that people wanted to kill her, and her baby. She once again looked at the jury and said that she has to relive the harassment and humiliation every day, and that it’s easy for others to forget that she’s a human being as well.

But Heard quicky changed her voice and face as Vasquez stepped into more aggressive questioning, and even rolled her eyes and sneered a few times. Court ended soon after, with more to come soon.

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