Stardew Valley: Your Another Addition in the Farming Games But it’s Different in Many Ways – A Review

Different From The Usual Farming Games

Usually, farming games on Android are a cheap attempt at making us pay more, with its ridiculous waiting periods that won’t go well with people who expect quick results.

Enter Stardew Valley, the game that became a hit right after its release in 2016 in consoles, and later came to mobile devices. It’s currently available in the Play Store for $7.99 or 599 rupees.

Know more about how this game stands apart from the other games.

More than just farming

Source: IGN

One of the main purposes is to earn steady income. For that there are many options apart from farming. You can choose from a variety of activities like fishing, foraging, mining, combat, crafting, cooking, giving gifts, and rebuilding the community center.

You can build friendships with the villagers through gift giving, and as your stats increase in friendship, the dialogues will change, you will receive cooking recipes for trying out new items and unique cutscenes will also start coming. If you build a higher level of friendship with a villager, you will be able to date, and eventually marry that person.

Your character will have energy levels and always keep an eye on them, as low energy will obstruct your work. To keep your energy levels in check, you will need to consume food. Most of the crops you have cultivated and items you find from foraging can be used for food. Also, sleeping will restore your energy.

The game allows us a limited amount of time and energy each day so we will always be in a hurry to make as much money as possible, and build friendships with the townfolk.

You will love everything from the pixel artworks to the soundtracks, has no graphics or performance issues, and the mobile version gets the autosave option, instead of saving only when you go to sleep.

There are many more good points to say about the game, but we will leave it to you to play and find out.