Brockmire Lead Stars’ ‘Display Extraordinary Chemistry in the Last Season of the Show

An in depth interview with lead actors Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet regarding the emotional ending of the show

Nailing on screen chemistry is a tough factor, and stars of IFC’s Brockmire, Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet have definitely nailed it. Their chemistry is sexy and comical at the same time and helped in changing the show from another cult hit to a must-watch. It has four seasons in total and the final episode just finished airing.

What Makes It Special

As we keep watching the show, we can understand that the stars share an honest affection and admiration for each other, and also share the same sense of humour.

When asked about how they handle comedy, Azaria replies by saying that they both approach comedy in the same manner, and that they were actually not trying to be funny in those situations. But at the same time, Peet pointed to herself and mouthed that she was trying to be funny.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Their secret is that they try to be as real and genuine with each other as possible, and when people get the hang of that thing at once, it means that they’ve got good on-screen chemistry. Peet added that this may not apply to everyone and that some plan how to act out the scene in their heads, but it wasn’t possible for either of them.

The show has always given due importance to character truthfulness, ever since its start where baseball play-by-play pro Jim Brockmire suddenly stops giving commentary and goes on a drunken rant about his cheating wife, which was chilling and funny at the same time. And the same pattern is followed throughout the show which makes us easily fall for the characters and their wonderful chemistry.