Sayonara Wild Hearts: Is it just like other beat games? Find out special features.

Music games have been in a transformative state as of late. Once relegated to describing a game focused on pressing buttons to the beat of a song, many developers have found that the genre can be used to describe gameplay whose experience is intrinsically tied to and significantly enhanced by its music.

Sayonara Wild Hearts aims to help refine this later definition, allowing players more freedom to enjoy its musical landscape and be further immersed in its worlds.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a rhythm action game developed by Swedish developer Simogo and published by Annapurna Interactive. The balance of the universe is disturbed, and it’s up to a chosen woman, taking up the mantle of a mysterious hero known as Fool, to set the wrong things right in the universe.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is not too concerned about creating an overly challenging experience for players. Points matters at the end of the level, awarding the best players with Bronze, Silver, or Gold awards. Finishing the game will unlock different modes, allowing for a seamless journey through Sayonara Wild Heart’s universe.

What makes Sayonara Wild Hearts unique from other games in the genre, is that it is more concerned with giving players the freedom to engage with its many challenges, rather than asking them to tap a button in time with a beat.

Within each level, genres can transition multiple times, challenging the player to adapt quickly, and do there best to beat the level’s highest score. Even the concept of a parallel universe is included in the game, which is insane. People really like that part of the game. Overall, it is a nice game if you want to relax and have some action with the beats.

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