Alleged ‘Pedophile’ R Kelly’s Request ‘To Get Out’ Denied For the Third Time.

Best Selling R&B artist, R Kelly has had a controversial career. Since the start of his career, Kelly has been faced with alleged accusations of sexual misconduct, child abuse, and underage sex.

In February of 2018, Kelly was legitimately charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against four victims, at least three of them minors. And in May of 2018, Kelly was charged with 11 more counts, including the far more serious charge of serious illicit sexual assault.

Kelly also faces 18 new counts, which include kidnapping and child pornography. Kelly’s crimes date back to 1994 and he has even accused of starting a ‘sex cult’ where women are brainwashed and abused physically and emotionally.

Kelly. who is currently serving jail time is in the news again, after his request to get out on parole was denied again. Reports claim that Kelly has set his mind to get out of jail amid coronavirus scares and he claims that he is at greater risk of catching the virus in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, but his appeal was rebuffed by Judge Ann Donelly.

There have been 18 active cases inside the correction center currently and Kelly feels his life is at a great risk inside. Kelly’s lawyer has medical reports saying that the singer is ‘diabetic, and his condition to get worse inside.

Judge Ann Donnelly denied the requests after going through the medical reports, stating that she does not believe that prediabetes provides a compelling reason for the defendant to be released.

Kelly and his lawyers will not be happy with the decision as this is the third time his request to get out his been denied by the Judge.

Kelly’s trial was to happen in the previous month, but it was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. With all the against stacked against him, it becomes evident that R Kelly is set to remain behind the bars for a long long time.