Netflix Popular series ‘Extraction’ did not settle well with the people of Bangladesh. Find out why

On 24 April 2020 most awaited film Extraction was released on Netflix featuring Chris Hemsworth- better known as Thor in the Marvel movies. The movie is directed by debut director Sam Hargrave and co-produced by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo. This movie is based on the novel Ciudad, written by Anda parks.

The movie got acclaimed for its execution and action phenomenon. However, the managed plot and exaggerated violence in the film received a mixed review from the critics.

The film faced by backlash about the color discrimination which indeed shown in the film. Chris Hemsworth and producer Joe Russo worked in several Marvel movies.

Firstly we have to comprehend the plot of the film to know why the movie is facing a backlash.

The plot of the film ‘Extraction’

Chris Hemsworth is playing the role of Tyler Rake, the protagonist, who was an operator in Australian Special Air Services. He is engaged in a rescue operation to recoup the son of a drug dealer Ovi Mahajan, who is abducted by Drug king in Bangladesh.

On the other hand, a royal follower of Mahajan portrayed by Randeep Hudda wants to complete the task himself. However, Randeep Hooda becomes a hurdle in the path of Tyler Rake.

Reason for Rage in Viewers of Extraction

The yellow filter used in all the scenes of Bangladesh leads to anger among the people of Bangladesh and in the Twitter world. However, the actual shot was taken while shooting differs from the yellow filter which is done in the post-production process. Hence the scene was created to portray Bangladesh as a dirty place.

Well, it is not the first time, this kind of event is happening. Earlier, India and Mexico were depicted with yellow and orange shade in TV and films.

Daily Star Called it ‘Bleak and inaccurate’ as Bangladesh is portrayed in the movie. BBC Bangla also raised a complaint against the movie for false representation of Bangladesh in the film.