PUBG Mobile: The Game of Survival Continues to be Favourite of Gamers

Get to know about the popular battle royale game and it’s never ending updates

PUBG stands for Player Unknowns Battleground and is a multiplayer game of survival. Hundred players will be put into a single lobby, then airdropped into a map where they will have to collect guns and supplies for survival and will be put into a race against time to locate and eliminate the other players before the clock runs out. You can play solo or be in squads of up to four players. Vehicles are available for you to move across the map faster.

Latest Update

In the latest update, which was released in May 7th, we get to see a revamped version of Miramar. There are now ruined urban localities, an oasis situated somewhere in the north, and chances of being hit by sandstorms.

Source: YouTube


If you are a fan of driving around instead of keeping a low profile, there are new tracks and ramps in the map where you can drive and do your flips and hope that no enemy decides to fire a missile at you. A single Golden Mirado car has been added to the map, so make sure to locate it and execute drive-by kills in style.

Additionally, a new toy mode has been added, which includes new emotes, weapons and skins, that resemble the ones Power Rangers wear.

Apart from that, the new Vikendi map is still available with its new updates. One of them is the frigid weather, which causes us to lose health unless we light a fire. But lighting a fire marks our location on the map and we become a target for everyone else. You can also cook food to restore your body heat.

All in all, this is a good way to spend time while you’re quarantining at home.