Monster Legends: The Fighting Game which is All About the Monsters – A Review

Dive into the game that is all about monsters

Monster Legends is a fighting game where we have to breed, train and maintain monsters from different classes and gather an army strong enough to fight other players.

More than going into an all-out assault, you will first need to pick out the right team. Every class has an advantage over some other class, so pick your fighters based on that.

Becoming a true monster master

Start off by creating a habitat for your monsters. Then breed the monsters you find in the breeding trees and create new species and become the best master out there. There are different modes, such as Team Wars and Team Battlegrounds and you will get to team up with other players to fight the tournaments. Winners will be generously rewarded.



The game contains over 600 monsters currently and each week new ones are added to the fray. There are various limited time events from which you can win some rare and extraordinary monsters.

The lab is used for upgrading the monsters you have and to make them stronger than before. Runes and Relics are available for you to equip your monsters which raises their power and gain control over the enemy during battles. Always remember to set up teams that are balanced. An ideal team would be one consisting of an attacker, a tank, and a control monster.

You can join teams, chat with your teammates and even participate in mock battles with them to test your strategies. There will also be a team shop from where you will be able to purchase exclusive monsters.

Monster Legends is available to download for free on the Play Store and App Store.