Madden NFL Mobile: The American Football Inspired Game Continues to Perk Up the Thrill Among Gamers with Regular Updates

Get to know about the biggest American football game in mobile devices

Madden NFL Mobile is a game on American football inspired by the real National Football League and has been developed by Electronic Arts or EA. After initially being developed for PC and consoles, it transcended into Android and iOS devices on August 26, 2014 and had been getting regular updates ever since.

Gameplay and Events

The game follows standard football rules, which include field goals, touchdowns, and safeties. We will also be able to do the different kinds of passes which are allowed in the game which are long, short, and play action. Then, there are the defensive poses and special plays such as punts, fake punts, field goals, quarterback kneels, spikes, and fake field goals, to either go right for the kill or fake and confuse the opponents.



The gameplay is smooth and you can adjust the graphics and frames per second rates depending on your device. It belongs to the freemium category, where you can spend your own money to purchase packs and bundles during events.

There is season mode which is similar to rank mode in most games, where you partake in an entire 16-game season and finally play in the Super Bowl. It has been recently renamed as “Season Battles” and you will be rewarded each time you score a victory.

You can identify a player’s capability depending on the rank they are allotted. Players come in the form of cards and the rank tier starts from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite, Diamond, and Onyx. You get the option to buy or sell cards to set up your dream team. Multiplayer mode is also available so that you can play with friends.