Hades’ Star: The Space Based MMO which will Provide you a sense of Galactic Dominance

The fight to ensure complete galactic dominance is on!

You will be in charge of an expedition to plunder from the Hades galaxy in the game Hades’ Star. The game is an MMO set in space where there are many planets available for you to colonize, along with mining asteroids and obtaining money in various ways. A newly discovered galaxy is at your disposal.

Story and Gameplay

You will find this game to have similarities with the popular Clash Of Clans in terms of upgrading your resources and defense to prepare for an enemy attack. But where Clash Of Clans only has two islands allotted go each player, Hades’ Star contains several planets and moons for you to conquer. Initially, you will only be handed a few sectors with tiny colonies and you will be tasked with leveling up until you earn enough credits to advance to new sectors.

Source: store.steampowered.com


You will be able to scan other areas of space and start colonies in those areas. Slowly, you can start building your galactic empire. You should however, make sure to invest in your military and regularly upgrade your battleships, so that your chances of securing a victory will increase.

Till now, there has been no one-on-one fights for us to show dominance over other players, as the fights will be entirely against Cerberus, an alien race that plans to eradicate humanity so as to secure the colonies.

Apart from credits for upgrades, you will need fuel for your spaceships. Hydrogen is required for the ships and you will need to mine them from asteroids using miner ships. You will constantly need to walk the tightrope between providing for your economy or your military. But all these end up making the game more exciting.