Hannah Montana Prequel: Will we get to See Miley Cyrus Returning to the Show?

This comes after her father said that Disney is looking to make a new installment to the series

Singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus revealed in February that Disney is looking to bring back its hit show Hannah Montana after recently starting their very own streaming platform last year. They had been planning other golden era shows as well.

They have already confirmed that a new version of Lizzie McGuire with the original cast reprising their characters, including show lead Hilarie Duff. They had even shot two episodes.

Will Hannah Montana happen?

Source: Instagram/@billyraycyrus


Billy Ray Cyrus stated that he will be very happy to make a return, so that he can go back to his old mullet hairstyle. He added that there’s a whole set of stories to be told on how Miley became Hannah and they would be focusing on that.

But also, since it’s a prequel series, the chances of Miley Cyrus returning seems pretty slim. But if they might do some flash forwards scenes or if they need the real Miley to narrate, well that’s one way of including her.

After the show wrapped up, Miley was determined to keep her distance from the show but in the recent years, she has started singing Hannah songs once again and has even revived her old hairstyle.

Fans were also quick to notice that a new Hannah Montana account has been made on Instagram, which has currently posted nothing but is following Miley. It might have been set up by Disney for the upcoming series.

Currently, there is no news on who is going to star as young Miley or of any other cast details. But we will be providing updates as soon as they start coming.