Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Developer Teases Sequel of the 2019 Game

Is this the return of Task Force 141?

Call of Duty had rebooted the franchise’s Modern Warfare storyline in 2019. Perhaps the best storyline from the massive franchise, it followed Captain John Price and a ragtag group of elite soldiers he had recruited over his many years of service. Together, they are known as Task Force 141 and work in the shadows to take down criminal empires that plague the world.

We have now received news on the sequel.

Activision Blizzard’s statement

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The new report comes from industry insider Tom Henderson, the first person who spoke about the game’s existence. He said that three Infinite Ward studios are working alongside other studios like Raven, Treyarch, Demonware, Activision, Sledgehammer, High Moon Studios, Demonware, Beenox, and Toys for Bob. That means a single game is being developed by 11 different studios.

The game is believed to be in its alpha stage, and will be 2022’s official title from Call of Duty. While the 2019 reboot didn’t put up the entire task force together, the big names were mentioned as a post-credit scene and fans went nuts over it. Henderson added that he had seen some footage from the game, and it looked well into the development stage.

Here’s a bit of excitement for you: The game will reportedly include a campaign that has the U.S. special forces fighting Colobian drug cartels. The mission is codenamed Project Cortez.

The story so far

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

When Call of Duty started, Captain Price was a WWII veteran. He was brought into the modern world, in a fight that was far from over. He recruits a new team, since he alone wasn’t enough to take down. The three games in the series performed exceptionally well, and is still some of the best games to exist.

The 2019 reboot was off to a great start, after a series of underperforming Call of Duty titles. If they maintain this consistency, and it’s sure they will, the sequel will be massive.