Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Review: China’s Propoganda Fireworks was a Cause for Concern and Awkwardness

Beijing Olympics is airing live on NBC

The Winter Olympics has arrived, it’s hosted in Beijing, and it’s the Year of the Tiger. Sounds pretty fun right? However, that was not the case this year, as the ceremonies alternated from boring to straight-up uncomfortable.

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The ceremonies

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

The grand event started with a solemn countdown video that connected the games to the Lunar New Year Festival. We got to see spring rebirth, and a few other beautiful scenes. But that changed as propaganda and imperial heritage was firmly established later on, and people found it uncomfortable to see the People’s Liberation Army weaseling its way into something like this.

Things got extremely boring afterwards. They put up a high-definition LED and fireworks display, which remained consistent and didn’t offer any varieties. There weren’t many colours either, and the audiences, including Vladimir Putin, looked bored out of their minds. It was like the People’s Republic cared only about pushing their propaganda, and didn’t care about putting on a show.

The president’s arrival

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Chinese president Xi Jinping came forward later, and spoke in a way that showcased the immense power he held. He even made a very loud nationalistic statement to Joe Biden and the rest of the Western countries. Xi then picked cross-country skier Dinigeer Yilamujiang as one of the people to hand-off the Olympic flame. Dinigeer is part of the Uyghur minority. The West alleged that the group taken by the Chinese government and put into concentration camps.

Things are very different from how it was in Beijing 2008. China is now like a bully, and continually flexes their economic and military strength.