Borderlines: See what Moze and Zane's 4th Skill Tree abilities are

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Borderlines: See what Moze and Zane’s 4th Skill Tree abilities are

The new update will be arriving on November 10

Borderlands 3 will be launching its second year of content with the Designer’s Cut update that will be available for gamers everywhere on November 10. The update’s release will be alongside the Xbox Series X and S’s launch. Borderlands 3 is also going to be a launch title for the new console. We already know that there’s going to be a new Arms Race mode in the looter-shooter game, but the vault hunters are also getting a slight revamp.

The new skills

Borderlands 3

Amara and FL4k have already received their upgrades, and now it’s Zane and Moze’s turn. Here’s a full rundown on what’s different:

1. Moze’s 4th Skill Tree: Bear Mother 

Moze used to summon Iron Bear, a mini version of her mech suit that sticks around her and attacks enemies. It has been replaced with Iron Cub, which is not as durable as Iron Bear, but makes up for it with its mobility and auto-aim. Other features include:

  • Iron Cub’s armour gets restored when it or Moze inflicts a Status effect on the enemy.
  • When destroyed, Iron Cub triggers a nuclear explosion and gives radiation damage.
  • It spawns with an Incendiary Vladof Assault Rifle and other weapons.
  • The longer Iron Cub survives, the greater the gun damage of Moze will be.

2. Zane’s 4th Skill Tree: The Professional 

Zane has an MNTIS shoulder cannon with 3 charges at the start that can deal a great deal of damage. It’s abilities include:

  • The cannon can dish out cryo damage slowing down enemies, but the damage will be reduced.
  • If the cannon kills someone with a critical hit, two charges are returned.
  • If he damages with the canon, the enemy gets pulled towards him, and takes extra damage for a short time.

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