Barbaren’ aka ‘Barbarian: Battle of Teutoburg Forest Reminds us of Games of Thrones in an Uncanny Way

The entertainment industry has not been short of instances where we have been left in amazement. There are several shows that have already made us talk about them more than they were once thought of. However, there is no end to what we can think and speculate about anything that exists, be it in the entertainment industry or in any other sector of work and service. The series named Game of Thrones has had several seasons released and there will be many more to come in the future. However, there are certain things that we would like to point out here that we might have not earlier thought of. After reading this article, your outlook towards this as well as every other show will be different and will be seen in a unique way like never before.

Barbaren' aka 'Barbarian': 'Game of Thrones' meets history lesson in retelling of Battle of Teutoburg Forest | MEAWW
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What can we see in the background and the makeup of the series? What does it remind us of?

The part about this show that reminds us of ‘Game of Thrones’ is the unique ways in which several tribes of Germany are forced to keep their differences aside and their reflex of making an abrupt choice. The choice, if put into a phrase would be if they would want to be ruled and kneel in front of the Romans, or do they stand to take the power away from the empire due to the reason that it took advantage of all of them by using their fear and terror against them? This example reminds us of the Baratheons squabbling for the throne, meanwhile, the Lannisters had a stronghold, and there exists a shamanic equivalent of Melisandre in this show along with all of it being stacked to make up for one fast rundown of how the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest came to be.

Barbaren' aka 'Barbarian': 'Game of Thrones' meets history lesson in retelling of Battle of Teutoburg Forest - Flipboard
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