What Makes Jaden and Willow Smith Different from the Other Star Kids?

Being the children of Hollywood A-listers will have its ups and downs, but here are two kids who are managing things pretty well

It’s difficult not to have a huge ego when you’re a celebrity. Not everyone can stay grounded and humble like Keanu Reeves. But still, there are many celebrities who are generally kind human beings and keep doing their own thing without jumping from one controversy to the next.

And parents greatly influence their children. Kids grow up to be spoilt when they have access to all their needs, and they grow out of touch with reality. There’s no denying that Jaden and Willow Smith have led privileged lives. But we can’t just point fingers at them for living in luxury when their parents are famous actors.

But Willow and Jaden have always marched to a different beat, and it’s all thanks to Will and Jada.

Parenting done right


The two of them, from their interviews and social media posts can be seen as eccentric and occasionally philosophical personalities. They have this tendency to speak things out of nowhere which not everyone could understand at a go. This led to many reports of them being called weird among other things. Even their parents were accused of bad parenting.

People tend to forget that growing up in the public eye has its fair share of disadvantages and you will be more open to criticism when you’re a celebrity. The two are really close, and that’s also thanks to their parents. They weren’t made to sit down and given a lecture by mommy and daddy Smith on how they should always love each other. They were both made aware that they have their own lives to live and when they get together, how they behave is up to them. And now they’re best friends, and even sometimes get mistaken for twins. That’s parenting right there.

Will and Jada seems to always be two steps ahead from the rest of the parents as they’ve given their kids the space to figure themselves out. And that led to them being their own people at such a young age.