Castlevania season 4: The Revenge will Take Time to be Witnessed by Fans

Castlevania is an American series. The series has released 3 seasons, with the 4th soon to be released. A fictional series based on Dracula has been well established in the industry which is clear with the fanbase that the show has been capable of attracting. The first three seasons primarily focused on a vampire who is married and has a terrible life afterwards. The story progresses with his wife being accused of being a vampire herself like her husband and was doubted after there were commodities related to witchcraft confiscated from her residence.

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This is something that ignites Dracula and leaves on an expedition to seek revenge from those who detained his wife. The story commences on that note and no sooner does a counter team gets formed by a monster hunter, named Trevor Belmont who is accompanied by a determined team which includes Dracula’s son. 

Where can we watch the 4th season and when?

As per the situation, a delay was unabated and inevitable. The show has faced several delays in the past and continues to happen for the upcoming season as well. The reason this time is the obvious, coronavirus pandemic. The show will be released on Netflix and the previous seasons are available at the same platform for streaming and watching. The season is expected to be released in 2021.

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 The season can be streamed and watched on the same platform. the delay will bring a delay in the story to progress and the viewers need to wait to see the revenge that the dragon would take for his wife and see whether he would successfully take his wife out of the detention. The story is advancing at a fast pace and is enough a reason for the fans to tether to their screens to watch the season to see what happens in the expedition.