An Ode to the Complex and Layered Character, ‘Berlin’ from the Gushed Series, La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist!

Berlin is one of the main characters of the famous – “Money heist.” He was called the greatest robber ever as before the heist robbery; he had a lot of experience in robberies and such executions, which made him better at it. However, whatever he was, some people liked him, and some hated him. 

Mostly he has been portrayed as a person who is evil, but we forget that he was positive as well. The way he handled everything being a group leader, no one would have done it better. 

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He is one character which is deeply layered and performed to brilliance by the actor Pedro Alonso, who gained quite a huge fan following and garnered huge appreciation for his work. The complex characterization made us admire him while the grey shade made us exasperated with him.

Let’s have a look at the flaws and strengths of the character that made us like and dislike him at the same time.

He is loved and rightfully so:

  •  He is very authoritative. He makes sure whatever decision he takes; he sticks to it. Berlin does not let anyone else’s opinion affect him; according to him, if he’s right, he won’t care what anyone says about it. 
  • He follows the rules and regulations very nicely. Whatever the professor says, he makes sure he follows them, to prevent the heist people from falling into chaos. 
  • He was already going through terminal illness, and still, he wanted to spend his last days completing the professor’s dream.
  • He was a man of Principles who held his dignity above everything.
  • What makes him the best character is that he gives up his life. He sacrifices so that other teammates can survive and take forward the vision of the professor. 
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He was a jerk too:

  • Sometimes he is way too ruling, which makes the other mates hate him.  
  • He has been portrayed as a psychopath who does not care about other emotions. Also, during tough times, he does not provide any support. 
  • He lacks empathy, which was made sure when he asked for the execution of a pregnant woman, also the way he treated Adriana was not right. 
  • He was shown as mild sexist who believed men to be more efficient than women, and often had clashes with Nairobi over it.

It is a delight for viewers whenever a character like Berlin comes alive on the screens.