Kurt Sutter Clarified all the Doubts Regarding Plot Hole for ‘Sons of Anarchy’ on Twitter

Kurt Sutter has finally cleared the plot hole for “Sons of Anarchy.” There were plenty of questions on Twitter about this series. Fans were eager to know about what will happen next since world is facing a global pandemic. The creators of the series posted an open forum on twitter on which fans posted many questions related to what will happen in the series next and what we should expect. Therefore Sutter provided some information about the plot and especially about storylines of clay ad Piney.

“Ever member beyond them had to be patched in”

A very main question was why Clay killed Piney and then why Clay needed to patched in by Piney, since Clay is already a member of first 9. JT and Piney started the club. To this question Sutter simply replied “Ever member beyond them had to be patched in”.

At first no one had that prospecting period and just a vetting process. All the members just had to be okay with the guys they are brought in by. Indeed Clay was at number 9 in this list. But when JT felt they had this club then they sat down and completed the set of rules that were seen in the series. At first JT was not sure about Clay but then Piney liked him and maybe JT knew about this. Therefore Piney was responsible for ensuring that Clay got a patch.

In season 4 we saw Clay took a shotgun to Piney which made him the third member of the first 9. Sutter has always been very clear about the plot of this show.
Another question was why Jax killed himself in the finale of the series.

Answer to this is, this could be done due to many reasons such as Tara, Gemma, the club, his father and Tellers being associated with outlaw life. Therefore Jax did not wanted his children to follow the same path as he did. Jax always trusted his mother no matter what this too got him into trouble sometimes.