The Crazily Popular Game, ‘Pokemon Go’ that Kept Everyone on Toes (literally) has Some New Updates for Gamers to Enjoy! Check Out the Details.

Pokemon go a very famous mobile game which was developed in 2016, by the Niantic and their collaboration with the original Pokemon company. This game is available to be played on both android and IOS devices.  It is a reality and a location-based game. 

It was for the first time the game was officially released in 2016 in Australia, but later it started being released all over the world.  

                                                 pic credits- unknown

It is a very popular and loved game that has thousands of fans all over. For the past two years, this game has been one of the top leading games every month. 

About the latest updates of the game, now features are being launched. The new change includes increasing the locations so that more people can play and appear. Now the Pokemon will increase its focus on dropping gifts more. The game will now focus more on improving the speed by double. 

The game has now also doubled Pokemon goes gym interaction, which will provide opportunities for the players so that they can play more battles. 

Other changes are also being considered right now, which includes changes in the number of players and also making the feature of playing without location possible. 

                                              pic credits- Austin startups

Another update is now activation of multiple star pieces and lucky eggs, which will be available for a time period of 30 minutes, and the option is available for you to activate them, to make them available for over 24 hours. 

Coming to the reviews, it is a very addictive game, which has left children crazy. Parents also reported that their children were not much into video gaming before, and couldn’t stop playing this game. Not only for children but also it’s a good game for a family experience.