Was it More than Friendship between Jaden Smith and Tyler, The Creator, and has it Ended?

Get to know about the two artists, who have been linked together for the last two years

Recently, Tyler, the Creator won a Grammy for his rap album Igor, and Twitter users were surprised when fellow rapper Jaden Smith tweeted out, “My boyfriend just won a Grammy.”

For those who saw it for the first time, it might’ve come across as a surprise, as they never got to know about this friendship, or relationship. But for fans who have been following the two closely, things aren’t surprising as the bond between them started a long time ago.

Are they dating though?

Source: Instagram/@feliciathegoat

Simple answer. We don’t know. We got to see the tweets, sure, but apart from that, we didn’t see the two out on a date or similar things. They were photographed together, but were usually surrounded by other people as well. What we have right now are clues received from the tweets shared by the two over the years.

They had been friends since 2013. Back in 2015, Jaden sort of confessed his feelings for Tyler when he wished him on his birthday. At that time he said that he was in love with Tyler, but he’s still figuring things out.

In 2018, during Tyler’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, Jaden said that Tyler was his best friend in the world.

Even when people saw their tweets, they didn’t really buy the whole thing as it seemed like two bros making fun of each other. But during an interview with Beats 1 Radio, Jaden stated that Tyler was his boyfriend and that he wasn’t lying. But fans are still finding it hard to believe. They still feel like the two are just messing with each other.