Fans Are Wondering Why Lindsay Lohan Did Not Make An Appearance In Ramy Season 2 As Expected: Mia Khalifa has replaced her! Here’s Why.

The official trailer of the popular hit Hulu show Ramy Season 2 has just been released and it’s funnier than ever! However, apart from the familiar faces, some new faces have surely surprised people.

Ramy Season 2 Just Released And Lindsay Lohan Is Not Present In The Show As Expected!

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan has supposed to make an appearance in the second season of the show instead we got to see adult film star, Mia Khalifa. Emmy winner and show creator Ramy Youssef has finally talked about this sudden replacement.

The creator and the lead star of the show have explained how the creative team wanted Lindsay Lohan to take on the let and even Lohan was on board with it. However, it wasn’t meant to be for whatever reason it was. Take a look at the trailer where Mia Khalifa has made a small cameo ensuring her appearance in the second season.

Mia Khalifa Has Made A Guest Appearance Instead Of Lindsay Lohan!

Moreover, he said that they wanted to cast Lohan considering the news of the actress wanting to convert to the Islamic religion. However, the team never heard from her and she couldn’t make it. Mia Khalifa landed in some major controversy with the community after one of her stunt, this appearance might be an effort to improve that stint of hers for which she faced backlash.

Despite the whole fiasco that happened over the guest’s appearance in the second season, Ramy Youssef isn’t holding any grudges against Lindsay Lohan. It was just meant to be and that’s how we got to see Khalifa instead of Lohan in the final cut. However, fans might see Lohan in the third season maybe!