The Baton has Passed from WIT Studio to MAPPA for the Final Season of ‘Attack On Titan’

Fans are going nuts over the new trailer and we got to see many new changes, including the new arts style

We got to see the first trailer for the final season of Attack On Titan, and everyone is excited to see how the anime is presented by Studio MAPPA. The animation had been done by WIT Studio for the first three seasons, and everyone loved how exceptionally they had done their jobs, with each season improving in quality. MAPPA taking over will make everyone look different, and the whole anime will be looking new as well. But since this season will be taking place as a time jump in the story, we are all for the new styles.

Studio Squabbles

Source: Dexterto

Having differences between studios is nothing new when it comes to big anime adaptations, but having a squabble right when the anime reaches its grand finale is something new. But it’s exciting nonetheless as we will be seeing our favourite characters return in a whole new look.

If you have been keeping up with the manga, we know the next arc is taking place after a few years. The scout soldiers are all a little older, a little wiser, and a lot broken. We will be seeing some new weaponry, and battle strategies of Marley, the rival country that has been subjecting Eldia to a lot of torture over the years, as we got to know in season 3 how they have been the ones with the Titan formula that has been transforming humans into titans.

We will be seeing a more badass version of Eren Yeager, who has evolved from the hotheaded teen to a calm, and slightly terrifying adult. This season is going to be better than all the other seasons combined. Take the word of a manga reader.