Tom Holland to Star as Film History’s Greatest Dancer Fred Astaire in the Upcoming Biopic

Will Tom Holland get a standing ovation for this?

Tom Holland is trading his Spider-Man spandex for dancing shoes as he is up to play legendary Hollywood dancer, singer, actor, and choreographer Fred Astaire in his biopic.

It is important to know that this project is not part of what Amazon and Automatik is doing, with the upcoming Fred & Ginger movie starring Jamie Bell and Margaret Qualley. Holland’s film will be produced by Sony and will be a full-on biopic, while the Amazon project will dive into the love story of the iconic dance partners.

About Astaire

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire
© 1936 RKO Radio Pictures Inc

Fred Astaire, who is regarded as the greatest dancer in film history had a career in showbiz that spanned 76 years. He was present in both movies and theatre, and musicals. However, he was best known as a dancer, as he had an uncanny sense of rhythm, perfectionism, and innovation.

He was also known well for his dancing partnership with Ginger Rogers, with whom he co-starred in ten musicals during the age of Classical Hollywood cinema. This included Top Hat, Swing Time, and Shall We Dance. He stayed a good dancer even in his old age, and was later named the fifth-greatest male star of Classic Hollywood cinema in 100 years.

Holland’s casting

Tom Holland

Tom Holland made the announcement during a promotional event for Spider-Man: No Way Home in London on December 5. He said that he had a talk with producer Amy Pascal, who he believes has the script.

Holland’s casting was of course, met with divided opinions. Many were against the idea because Astaire never wanted movies to be made of him, and the people it was disrespectful. Others believed that no one can dance like he can, while others called it bad casting, and compared it with Holland’s casting for the Uncharted movie.

We know Tom Holland can dance well, after seeing 2017’s Lip Sync Battle, so it’s time for him to rise to the challenge.