This is completely random, but cats are not liking the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Not funny at all!

Any cat owners who will be getting their all new Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit would have a lingering doubt in the their minds about how their feline buddies would be dealing with a tiny Mario Kart zooming around their living room. As expected, those who shared their experiences, or rather, their cats’ experiences say that it’s not a smooth ride.

Buyers started sharing videos of their cats reacting to their owner’s new toy. Most were just curious instead of throwing a fit and knocking everything over.

Their experiences


IGN reported that the house cats are actually the red shells in the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. In Instagram user @monst13’s video, we see his cat just following the car from the hall to the living room, and stepping out of the way when it came by, only to follow it back to the hall.

But it wasn’t so good for others. Twitter user @yamanoneko_23 might just lose his new toy if he keeps playing with his cat like that. In the two minute video, we see the cat facing the four wheeled horror as well as it’s crazy owner who kept chasing it around the house and if things carry on like this, that kart is a goner.

The best till now would be from Daniel Vuckovic of Vooks, where a cat is seen hitting Luigi in the face whenever it gets the chance, while a dog shows it cannot care any less, perfectly presenting to us the stark contrast between the two animals.

If you have pets at home dealing with your Mario Kart Live set, post your reviews or possibly, videos on Nintendo’s review section or on social media.