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Edge of Tomorrow 2: Will the Movie Release with Second Volume? How High are the Chances? Read Details Below

The movie has been in the talks for a while but it seems like it got stuck in its own time loop

Edge of Tomorrow 2 or Live Die Live Repeat and Repeat (if all goes well) has been discussed since 2018 but the project still hasn’t shown any sign of taking flight. It has been 6 years since the first movie released, and its success guaranteed a second movie, but nothing major has happened. There had been a brief moment of happiness when it was revealed that Matthew Robinson had been hired to write for the sequel back in March 2019. But director Doug Liman later said that he has “no idea” about the movie getting made.

2020 Update

Another ray of light was shone in January this year that the movie might be happening, but then the coronavirus pandemic happened and no further information was heard. The main reason could be that the cast members had packed schedules. Emily Blunt talked about it, saying that Tom Cruise had asked her if she can start working on it in Autumn and she had to say no, since she was starting work on Mary Poppins in two months.

In October 2019, Liman completed the rewritten script and hoped he could fit it with Cruise’s and Blunt’s schedule. But we know that Cruise is working on the latest Mission Impossible movie and it’s production had been stalled due to the pandemic. Therefore, he will be available for Edge of Tomorrow 2 only after finishing work on Mission Impossible. Then Blunt’s schedule must match as well and the movie can finally kick off.

As far as the script goes, it hasn’t changed much from the original but Liman has said that it’s going to be “smaller” and that he will not be having an action sequence every two minutes. More on the movie will be reported once updates are given.

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