‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ Returns for Season 2 after Hugely Applauded Season 1!

The rising of the shield hero is a very famous anime series, which is a dark fantasy genre, based on a Japanese novel. It was written by Takao Who. Till now, the series has had 1 season, which was released in 2019. The response from the public was amazing, and since it ended, the fans have gone crazy and are waiting for season 2 to launch. 

Presently, no such official date is released for season 2, but however, there is confirmation that season 2 is getting renewed. Right now, the season is in production, and it is getting delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak all over the world, so we can expect season 2 to launch in late 2020 or the beginning of 2021. 

pic credits- monster critics 

Currently, it’s tough to tell about the exact plot of season 2 as the show is still being produced, but what we can expect is to see a better season than before, including more action and drama, say some sources. 

Season 1 was, however, a success, and made the fans go crazy to wait for season 2. Till now, we can say nothing about season 2, but just expect that it releases soon. Also, season 3 will come, which makes the fans happier. 

Talking about the predictions in this season, there will be the arrival of a new enemy, which will be dangerous to all, and the new enemy will ruin everything and is going to be stronger this time, much more than the previous season. 

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Also, it is revealed this time, there will be a turtle who will be so strong that it will carry the burden of the whole town. 

Exciting enough? 

Let’s wait for season 2 more updates, stay updated because this time, the season is going to be more exciting!