Will the Popular Anime Show ‘No Game No Life’ Return With Season 2? Find Out Below.

‘No Game No Life’ is a famous anime series, which is based on the manga, which is a very popular Japanese novel written by Yu Kamiya. Even though it is a cartoon series that3 can be enjoyed mostly by children, but even adults can watch it. 

Till now, the series has had 1 season only, but with that season itself, the anime fans are crazy about it and are hoping for season 2 to launch as soon as possible. 

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The season 1 launched in 2014, and it’s been years already since any news about it came, but however it got confirmed a few days ago, that yes be happy fans- the season 2 is renewed and will be launching soon. 

Presently, there is no official date confirmation, but, however, because of the pandemic all over the world, it got delayed and may release at the end of 2020 or start of 2021. 

Right now, talking about the plot is also not possible as no official plot is released till now, but sources reveal it might be about the two sisters, where they live lives like fantasy and also get a chance to interact with other gamers, for more information about the plot we have to wait and stay tuned till any official news come. 

All the fans can be happy about right now is that they’re of favorite anime series is Returning back! If you are very eager to recall what happened in season 1 and if you have never watched it and want to watch it, season 1 is available to watch on Netflix. 

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Not only on Netflix, now the series is available to stream online at amazon prime and Hulu as well. 

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