‘The Light Of My Life’: a beautiful expression of the father-daughter bond. Find out more

Casey Affleck’s first movie as a director and a writer, ‘Light of My Life’ is an American drama which revolves around a father and his daughter who is being disguised as a son.

The cast of the film is as follows-

  • Casey Affleck as Dad
  • Anna Pniowsky as Rag
  • Elisabeth Moss as Mom
  • Tom Bower as Tom
  • Timothy Webber as Lemmy
  • Hrothgar Mathews as Calvin

Casey Affleck is an America born director and actor. Starting his career at an early age, the actor has worked in many films which include Lemin Sky, Good Will Hunting, Lonesome Jim, The Assassination of Jesse James and many more. His works were all slow-moving with some high-ranged artistic sense.

In the same way, Affleck’s first film as a director and a writer is a slowly progressive one which deals with a dystopian family. The story revolves around a father, the name of whose is never taken, and his disguised son who is actually, his daughter. The father is played by the director himself, whereas Anna Pniowsky plays the role of his daughter. She is portrayed as an 11-year-old girl having her hair cut short, like that of a boy. She is made to disguise as his son as a life-threatening epidemic has burst upon the city they live in. This plague is known to attack only females, as a result of which most of the girls and women died. The girl, named Rag, was borne at the outset of the plague.

The film, ‘Light of My Life’ is a seeming horror movie. The reason for it being a ‘seemingly horror’ one is that the film itself does not support the notion of the respective genre. The pure and heartwarming bond between a father and his daughter, the way every emotion is portrayed and the effect that every scene makes on the audience’s minds is what makes the viewers watch the film with the greatest of their interest. Every act feels like a soft touch made directly into the hearts of the audiences, which further gives serenity to the movie.

A scene from the movie

The ratings of the film is as follows-

IMDb – 7.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes- 83%

IndieWire- 3.0

Metacritic- 67%

Letterboxd- 3.5