Lady and the Tramp is getting remade. See the talented cast here!!!

It seems that Disney is on a remake-live action films spree. After Aladdin and the recently released The Lion King, another one will be remade into live-action. This time, it is the 1955 film, Lady and the Tramp. It will premiere this fall and will not be released in movie theatres. Instead, it will be on Disney’s new streaming service Disney+.
Get ready to have a gallery of adorable dog photos!

People introduced the live-action cast of the new Lady and the Tramp. A smart strategy by Disney was followed.
The cast was revealed through their pictures and besides them were the characters they will play.

The Cast

The cast for Lady and the Tramp
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Justin Theroux plays Tramp, which will be is by a rescue named Monte.
Thor girl Tessa Thompson is a Cocker Spaniel named Rose. Sam Elliott is the human embodiment the bloodhound Trusty, and Benedict Wong is the bulldog Bull. Janelle Monae will be Peg, a Tibetan spaniel, and Ashley Jensen will be Jock, a Scottish terrier.

The new live-action Lady and the Tramp will premiere on November 12, when Disney+ will be launched. It is an intelligent move by Disney, not that the live-action remakes aren’t popular in theatres.

Deseret News reported earlier that the movie would feature new songs from Monae and a revamped version of “The Siamese Cat Song,” In the past, the song was criticized for generalizing Asian culture and depicting two Siamese cats as racist caricatures.

Variety reports that the movie will be set in the 1910s. It will draw inspiration from blues and ragtime music.

The animated version of the film was released on June 22, 1955. It tells the story of a female American Cocker Spaniel named Lady who lives with an upper-middle-class family and a male stray called the Tramp. When they meet, both embark on many romantic adventures and fall in love. This was directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, and Hamilton Luske.