The Iowa State Fair in now open! 11 days? What to Expect and How to Go?

The Iowa State Fair 2019 opened its doors on 8th of August, 2019, Thursday. The fair is taking place for 11 days, like every other year.

The Iowa State Fair is held in Des Moines, Iowa, every year, in August. Back in the year 1854, the fair was put up for the first time in Fairfield, in October. For another few years, it took place at the same spot. Later, in the year 1886, the fair shifted its ground to Des Moines, Iowa. Since then, it has been staged at the very spot. The month of its occurrence was changed from October to August. Hosting a guest size of over billion, it is a highly popular and one of the largest fairs of the United States. The fair consisted of a huge range of contests shows and a wide range of foods of a different variety.

The state commander in-charge of the state fair, Commander Doug Phillips, said this year a large number of policemen would be present on the grounds to manage the crowd. Many will be in their uniforms, and many others will be in their casuals to mix well with the guests. Further, he added that the number of policemen is so much in number that whenever one looks at some random person in the crowd, it may happen that they are viewing not a guest but one of these men! Having said this, public co-operation is asked to help the security forces perform their roles. He insisted the people report immediately any event they witness and consider as an act of suspicion.

The Iowa State Fair in now open! 11 days? What to Expect and How to Go? 1
The Iowa State Fair

Gary Slater, the manager, and CEO of the Iowa State Fair commented that three free stages are included along with daytime entertainment. The most exciting event, according to him will be the mutton busting one, the details of which he did not share!

Over the years, The Iowa State Fair nailed its ground with no comparison. This year too, the event is going to be a great success.