The Legend of La Llorona Releases First Trailer Showing a Whole New Story of the Latin American Folklore

Fear the wailing spirit

Hollywood has made a brand new version of La Llorona, called The Legend of La Llorona. The story will be based on the old Latin American folk tale about the cursed spirit of a mother who snatches children and takes them to where she resides, which is usually a waterfront area. The new movies is produced by Saban Films, and is expected to take inspiration from the classic tales of this spirit.

The trailer

La Llorona
Saban Films

In The Legend of La Llorona’s trailer, we see a family of three travelling to Mexico on a holiday. We see the father (Antonio Cupo) telling the cab driver (Danny Trejo) that they just wanted to get away for a while, which seems suspicious and makes them look like they’re running away from something. The house they had booked was beautiful, but the woman of the house (Zamia Fandiño) tells them about La Llorona. Later in the night, someone comes and abducts their son Danny (Nicolas Madrazo). Then comes the infestations: windows opening on their own, wet footsteps, chilling screams.

The mother (Autumn Reeser) asks more about La Llorona, but she soon becomes the spirit’s target as well, along with the rest of the residents. Even Trejo’s character is seen fighting something off with a shotgun. The trailer ends with the boy telling that “she” is coming. The final shot is off him being pulled into the darkness by La Llorona.

Connection to the last film

La Llorona
Warner Bros.

We got to see La Llorona appear in the 2019 movie, The Curse of La Llorona, which was set in the same universe as The Conjuring. However, the new movie is an independent project. La Llorona always has a more emotional backstory, but the new project seems to be focusing more on the jumpscares.

The movie is directed by Patricia Harris Heely and written by Jose Prendes, and will hit theatres on January 7, 2022. The Legend of La Llorona will release on digital and on demand on January 11, 2022.


The Legend of La Llorona adds itself into the list of horror flicks fans have been waiting for.