The latest PUBG patch has C4 and fortunately the vehicles have gotten a little safer! Check it out!

Changes have been made to Vikendi as well

The C4 has finally entered the world of battle royale through PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The C4 is one of the few changes that have been made in the latest patch.

The C4 is throwable and it’s time limit is sixteen seconds. There is no remote control to detonate it when you see fit, so you will be playing this one close to the chest. Also, this one sticks to any surface and it’s important to aim carefully, lest you want to get blown up yourself! If you are trying to outrun enemies or want to blow up their vehicles, you will always need to make that sixteen second window work.

Realistic cars

As for vehicles, the way they take damage is now different. You will need to aim properly if you want to kill an enemy who is on the move, make sure to aim near the engine as that will deal a 100% damage while aiming anywhere else will only deal 50% damage. Conserve your bullets and perfect your aim.

As for explosion of vehicles, earlier vehicles used to explode the minute it’s health reaches zero, but now the engine shuts down and catches fire. You will have a two second window to get the hell out of there. It’s not much, but it’s still better than getting fried instantly. The exception for this comes in the red zone and with the latest C4, in which case, the car blows up instantly.

Also, patch 7.3 has brought some changes to Vikendi. A new train line has been built, which can take players into the island, aside from the line that takes us around the map. There will be more DRMs spawning in the map and some areas that have been left a little too open have got some habitat to hide behind.

The patch is currently available on PC and will be coming to consoles on June 23.


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