Gabriel Iglesias talks about why he took a break from Comedy: needed to rebuild his emotional self. Read for more details.

“I needed an emotional rebuild” said the the popular comedian

Gabriel Iglesias, popularly known as Fluffy, has had a career in comedy spanning more than two decades, and he shows no signs of stopping. He talked about the excitement he gets everytime he walks to the stage and hears the roaring of thousands, in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine.

His 2017 break

He is currently in a good place as he has two Netflix comedy specials, and is working on two more. Season two of Mr. Iglesias will be premiering on June 17 on Netflix. But things weren’t so fluffy in 2017.

Iglesias had trouble managing both work and family and he says that “everything fell apart” in 2017, and he even split from longtime partner Claudia Valdez, who had been a major support system in his life and had been with him throughout his low points. But he is still in great terms with her son Frankie, and considers him to be his own son after he raised him with Valdez for so many years.

This was when Iglesias took a break from his professional life and went into “survival mode”, where he even gave up on alcohol for longer than two years. He realised that he could never fix himself by drinking. He says that he is now able to fully devote time for himself, his comedy career, his son and dogs.

Iglesias’ tour had been halted due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and says he’s eagerly waiting to get back to it as soon as possible. He is thankful for his career and says that he’s got all that he ever wanted and being out there, performing is what he loves the most.

(Cover: Anthony Nunez/Netflix)