The Joker: The Oscar Nominated Highly Acclaimed Movie is Set to Premiere on HBO, and can Finally be Relished Without any Negativity Surrounding it!

The Joker will be premiering on HBO and lets talk about some of the mixed reviews surrounding the film 

One of 2019’s most acclaimed films- Todd Philips’ Joker will be airing on HBO this weekend at 8pm ET. Remember when there was a lot of drama  surrounding this movie? I sure do.

When the movie came out, we got mixed reviews about it. And the reason for the negative reviews were not aimed at the cast or the story; we all know they did a damn fine job. In fact lead actor Joaquin Phoenix even got an Oscar for his role. So what made some people criticize the movie?

The Ideas it Presented

Those who pointed out it’s negatives stated that the movie was dangerous and that it would inspire public shootings. In fact, this fear reached such heights that some theaters actually hired extra security guards. The major part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences thought that Phoenix was worthy of the Oscar while many Twitter users disagreed. The Twitter users were also left confused when Phoenix made his acceptance speech where he spoke about conservation to the power of love and artificial insemination in cows (honestly it makes no sense to me either)

But all those news have died down thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that has been plaguing the world for a solid three months and shows no signs of stopping.

But there were some elite individuals, who didn’t dive into the controversy surrounding the film even during its heyday. One such person is Martin Scorsese, who said he saw clips of the movie and didn’t feel like watching the whole thing because he figured it out from what he saw.

Moral of the story? Watch if you are a fan, and ignore the fights surrounding it. If you don’t like it, that’s fine as well. Just keep on ignoring it and dont stir up unnecessary drama.