The drama in and around ‘Southern Charm’ seems Never-ending as in the Latest Turn of Events, Ashley Jacobs Slams Former Show Stars Amid Kathryn Dennis Drama

The show is in the news yet again, following the exit of Cameran Eubanks 

Ashley Jacobs had exited Southern Charm, but she is still very much connected to the show and her former co-stars.

Jacobs, 35, recently joined in on the drama that’s been going around Kathryn Dennis, Naomie Olindo, Chelsea Meissner, and Cameran Eubanks through an Instagram story she posted on Thursday.

The Drama 

Ashley Jacobs also spoke about the cast’s behavior while filming season 5 of the show. She spoke about the others defending Dennis when the cameras were rolling and did not acknowledge her improper behavior at that time, as they feared that their own images would be affected.

She spoke about how all of them created their ‘Kween’ by keeping up with her behavior and that they are complaining about that all that now when they should’ve been real from the start.

Jacobs came to the show during Season 5 with now-disgraced senator Ravenal and always used to butt heads with Meissner, Olindo, Dennis, and Eubanks. She even called Dennis an “egg donor” among several other insults.

Credit: Instagram| Ashley Jacobs


She did acknowledge that she was wrong in her methods of insulting Dennis like that, but she did very well mean what she said and didn’t act fake like the others. She called the others “enablers” as they kept carrying Dennis on their shoulders. She added that a more suitable name for them would be cowards.

The show has been going through some turbulence as Eubanks revealed through the comments in one of her Instagram posts that she won’t be returning for the next season. Fans knew at that time that something had gone wrong. They speculated that it was because her husband cheated on her, but soon news came that it could have been Dennis who created that rumor. Eubanks denied all cheating rumors and defended both her husband and the alleged mistress.

She went onto say that the courage of someone to speak the truth is the only reason why season 5 was the highest rated season.

Credit: Instagram| Ashley Jacobs

Olindo also defended Eubanks and told Dennis that she should be ashamed of herself. Dennis was also accused of sending racist messages to an activist last week.