Fans’ Exhilaration Knows No Bounds as NCT 127 drops Teaser Images for ‘NCT#127 Neo Zone: The Final Round’!

NCT 127 made fans go into a frenzy as they release electrifying teasers for their upcoming songs 

As always, NCT 127 has turned up the excitement and hype for their return with the repackage album NCT#127 Neo Zone: The Final Round and has provided teasers one after the next for their new songs.

The New Album

The group shared the exciting news on May 17th with a preview of their title track which contained a myriad of lights and visuals.

The song is titled “Punch” and the new track from NCT 127 brings forth the urban soul hip-hop genre and catches that dynamic beat that rings inside the ear of a boxer who enters the ring.

The song has some intense and different lead synth sound, and the lyrics seem to be about overcoming the lonely moments of fighting on your own. The group provided some clips from the song in quick succession and showed off some of its choreography.

NCT#127 Neo Zone: The Final Round is going to be released on May 19 at 6pm KST and the official video for “Punch” will be dropped on May 20 at 12am KST. Before releasing the clip, they released some concept photos which had the members wearing red coats and standing in front of a red and black background.

The rest of the tracks belonging to the repackage album were also given their spots to shine with their own individual teasers. Fans went crazy for all the images and videos of the songs such as “Make Your Day” and “NonStop” and were all praise for the group. Everyone is now holding their breaths as they await the release of the songs on the coming days.