Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Blue Spirit Comes to Life After being Recreated by Cosplayers

Fans are jumping on the Airbender hype train as the series is now available on Netflix

Anyone who has seen Avatar: The Last Airbender knows how much of a badass Zuko, aka the Blue Spirit is, and the episodes he had been in are some of the best episodes of the show, and every fight where Aang and Zuko team up are some of the best team-ups ever. Now that the show is available for streaming in Netflix in the United States, fans get to rewatch their favourite episodes from the show. We get to see the changing relationship between Aang and Zuko throughout the series.

In the show, we get to see how Aang is rescued from the Fire Nation who had taken him prisoner by a shadowy figure in a blue mask. It takes a while to know the man behind the mask, and was revealed later on to be Zuko, and Aang realised that he had been saved by his old enemy.

The cosplayer


We got to see this intense recreation of Zuko by a cosplayer who goes by the username leo_del_reyes in Instagram. We get to see her wearing Zuko’s mask and wielding his dual blades and standing as if ready for a battle.

That episode where Aang got rescued saw the development of how the two started off as enemies, then became rivals, and in the end became the best of friends towards the end of the series (kind of like Naruto and Sasuke but that was all jumbled up). The animated show still rates at 100% in Rotten Tomatoes and 9.2 in IMDB. You will be a forever fan of the two characters, and you will be going nuts over the fight scenes as well. So what are you waiting for? Get watching!