Tessa Thompson on Bringing “Emotional Espionage” to Season 3 of Westworld’: She opens up her mind about what she feels about her character.


Created by  Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and produced by HBO, Westworld is an American science fiction television series .

The role of as tough-as-nails corporate shark Charlotte Hale, is played by Tessa Thompson on Westworld .Her first mark on Westworld was made near the end of its first season, arriving  ready to devour all in her path. The second season shows Charlotte’s journey of survival through the park —if you put it lightly, it was a journey that did not end well for her.

Her journey did not end, bur it was only a beginning, actually.Thompson’s role on Westworld expanded from playing cold-blooded Charlotte to playing…well, someone else.


Already, three episodes of Westworld season three is over, but still the identity of Tessa Thompson’s character remains unknown, despite the fact that her storyline is as front and center as humanly (or hostly) possible. Recently Tessa Thompson opened up her mind in an interview about her character Charlotte Hale on Westworld to the Hollywood reporter.

 Thompson is of the opinion that “It’s like emotional espionage,”  She is fascinated to play the role of Charlotte, and according to her it is really,really cool to play.

Charlotte Hale has always been someone who moves against the tide, according to Thompson. She told that during the first season of the episode , people were telling that  the way that she behaved could not be understood by them. It was like, people would have accepted her behaviour, if she were a man and then people would have assessed her character in a different manner. 

She continued to say that she always loved the questions, she posed about the gender. and also that we are in a time where hopefully we’re all reckoning with these ideas and seeing sort of more fluidity in our ideas about gender being upended.