Harlequinn was spectacular, but Birds of Prey did not come up to the expectations. Was it because the movie was female oriented?



Birds of Prey was expected to be a big hit before its release, hoping that it would be the next hit in the movie series based on DC superheroes.

The inspiration for the movie comes  from the “Birds of Prey” comic series, which assembles a supergroup of characters from around the DC Comics universe

Margot Robbie stars as Harley Quinn in the movie. She is the impish criminal introduced in the movie Suicide Squad. She strikes out on her own after a breakup with the Joker and assembles her own gang of antiheroes.

The director Cathy Yan was hired on the strength of her independent 2018 feature debut, Dead Pigs. In the mostly male arena of comic-book adaptations, she was a rare woman.

Cathy Yan, right, with Margot Robbie on the “Birds of Prey” set.
Cathy Yan with Margot Robbie on the “Birds of Prey” set. Credit.. Claudette Barius/DC Comics and Warner Bros

But the movie was a box-office disappointment, which only collected just under $200 million worldwide. Some late efforts to make Harley Quinn’s name more prominent in the title were not successful. Actually, “Suicide Squad” had collected more than $746 million worldwide in 2016.

If a male-led action movie doesn’t do well, it does not necessarily affect male-led action movies for the next five or 10 years. The press does not write about that.

Harley Quinn had made her first appearance in 1992 on “Batman: The Animated Series” as the Joker’s girlfriend. , She was the Joker’s psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, but fell madly in love with him and joined him in a life of crime.

Birds of Prey follows Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) after her painful breakup with the Joker. She and Puddin are through for good, and it’s time for Harley Quinn to stand on her own two feet. Actually, Robbie’s Harley Quinn really steals the show, and she’s just fantastic.

Although the movie is good, it has not been accepted by the audience as expected, maybe women in action is still not a trend.